Does Fluoride Treatment Whiten Teeth? A Comprehensive Review

Does Fluoride Treatment Whiten Teeth? A Comprehensive Review

December 1, 2022

What Is Fluoride?

It is a dental treatment where dentists in Calgary enrich teeth with fluoride, a natural mineral that builds and sustains strong teeth. A fluoride treatment in Calgary, AB, is increasingly popular in pediatric dentistry as a preventive dental protocol for dental cavities. Children between ages 6 and 14 are very prone to dental cavities. Fluoride treatment is a proactive measure to increase their teeth’ resistance to dental cavities, reducing the possibility of premature tooth loss.

When Is Fluoride Treatment Necessary?

Fluoride treatment is ideal for preventing cavities before they start developing. Therefore, children should begin their treatment when they start transitioning from primary teeth to permanent teeth. Intentionally introduce fluoride when your child is between 6 months and 16 years to significantly lower the risk of dental decay as they grow older.

Although children benefit the most from fluoride treatment, adults too need it. It can help overcome tooth sensitivity. Other reasons you may need fluoride treatment are:

  1. Dry mouth syndrome
  2. Gum disease
  3. Having dental crowns, braces, or other oral appliances

How Does Fluoride Treatment Work?

The dentist begins the treatment by cleaning your teeth to remove surface debris and plaque. Afterward, (s)he applies a coat of fluoride varnish or gel over your teeth. The varnish should remain on your teeth for several minutes before rinsing it off. The goal is to increase the contact time between your teeth and the varnish. It allows the enamel to absorb as much fluoride as possible. After rinsing your teeth, you can leave the dental clinic. However, do not brush your teeth or eat hard foods for at least six hours to heighten the effectiveness of your treatment.

Does Fluoride Treatment Actually Whiten Teeth?

Does fluoride treatment whiten teeth? If you have asked this question, you are not the only one. Among the many misconceptions about fluoride treatment at Poplar Dental is that it can whiten your teeth. Unfortunately, it is untrue. Technically, fluoride treatment only strengthens teeth and boosts their resistance to bacteria and acids that cause cavities. Therefore, liaise with our dentists in Calgary for teeth whitening treatments if you want to whiten your teeth.

How Can Fluoride Work to Whiten Teeth?

Although teeth whitening is not the reason you should get fluoride treatment, fluoride can indirectly result in whiter teeth. It works when the treatment counters the wearing down of teeth’ enamel. When teeth wear down, they expose the dentin, duller than the enamel. Therefore, your teeth can start to yellow. Fluoride restores the health of your enamel, which indirectly benefits your teeth’ color. Still, you cannot rely on fluoride treatment to achieve a brighter smile. If anything, some brands of fluoride can leave your teeth yellower than usual.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Fluoride Treatment?

If you get a qualified dental expert to administer fluoride treatment in Calgary, AB, you will hardly have complaints about complications post-treatment. Still, a few risks and complications can arise after fluoride treatment. They include:

  1. Yellow teeth – immediately after the dentist applies the fluoride varnish, it may make your teeth appear duller or slightly yellower than usual. You should not be too worried about this since the gel or varnish is usually pale yellow. After brushing and rinsing your teeth, you should notice an improvement in your teeth’ color.
  2. Fluorosis – is a condition featuring tooth discoloration due to fluoride over-exposure. While it is common with natural fluoride sources like well water, fluoride treatment can result in white specks or brown discoloration over teeth.
  3. Weak tooth enamel – overconsumption of fluoride can weaken your enamel. Therefore, ensure you get your fluoride treatment done by a professional instead of over-the-counter fluoride kits.

Does It Mean that Fluoride Treatment Is Unsafe?

Although there are possible side effects of fluoride treatment, they hardly occur. Dentists know to expose you to the correct concentrations of fluoride based on your age and other health factors. Therefore, prioritize good dental care by allowing qualified dentists to do what they do best. Further, use all fluoride-based products like supplements, mouth rinses, and toothpaste as directed. Besides, fluoride treatment is a safe way to avoid other oral problems like dental cavities and other oral infections.

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