Evoke Skin Tightening: an Alternative Treatment for Younger-Looking Skin

Evoke Skin Tightening: an Alternative Treatment for Younger-Looking Skin

February 1, 2023

Evoke, a hands-free facial remodeling device tightens and rejuvenates the lower face and neck. Evoke facial treatment helps reverse the early signs of aging and jowling, besides skin laxity, to effectively reposition fat by tightening the dermal tissue.

If you don’t find peels and needles adequate for your needs, you should seek Evoke skin tightening to help rejuvenate your skin to bring back a youthful appearance and self-confidence. Evoke facial tightening technology in the aesthetic industry was launched in 2020, and it has created a space for itself in the spotlight as an anti-aging and cosmetic treatment.

What Is Evoke Skin Tightening?

Evoke is the first age-defying treatment adopting a hands-free apparatus for facial remodeling. As a result, it is an excellent alternative to invasive surgery and injectables for skin tightening and rejuvenation, like facelifts, wrinkles relaxing, and dermal fillers.

This premier industry-first technology delivers facial remodeling results similar to rejuvenation. The treatment targets facial tissues in a quick and straightforward procedure. In addition, the therapy provides volumetric skin heating, and every treatment is customized to best suit the patient’s needs.

What Are the Benefits of Evoke Skin Tightening?

The benefits of Evoke facial treatments are many. Some are described below for your reference.

  • Hands-Free: the Evoke remodeling platform made by InMode is the best non-invasive skin tightening technique for the cheeks and neck. As a patient, you can wear a specially designed device for contouring your face with fully programmable hands-free applicators delivering bipolar radiofrequency energy targeting the problem areas like the lower cheeks, jawline, upper neck, and jowls. In addition, the no-touch design reduces patient and physician contact during the treatment allowing you to relax during your procedure and return to daily activities soon after your session.
  • Fully Customizable: the facial remodeling technique from Evoke delivers radiofrequency energy according to the exact depth and intensity of your particular facial anatomy creating a personalized treatment explicitly created for your needs. You merely get the correction to address your concerns without holding back or delivering more than you desire. Evoke has ACE technology, ensuring your body parts don’t receive insufficient or excessive treatment. Your tissues in the treatment area receive the necessary skin-tightening energy required for effective and natural-looking results.
  • Evoke Targets Specific Spots: your cheeks and jowls are areas of the face where the signs of aging become noticeable. Collagen loss and elastin contribute to the hollowing of the mid-face and sagging of the skin. Addressing the symptoms sufficiently with exercise or topical treatments is impractical. However, Evoke’s applicators are placed on your face and tightened to give them a secure fit enabling the device to target the problem spots and deliver proper treatment. As the device delivers RF energy to the lower dermal tissue, it helps the skin become firmer and smoother from within.

What Can I Expect during and after Evoke Skin Tightening Treatment?

If you have concerns about sagging skin, excess fat loss, and reshaping your face, consider yourself a candidate for Evoke facial contouring. Evoke benefits anyone looking to have such problems treated so long as they don’t have any medical and skin conditions that might affect the skin’s healing process after treatment.

Besides the above, expect the treatment provider to discuss your medical condition and inquire whether you are sensitive to heat or have any open wounds and dresses in the treatment area. They will also ask whether you have a pacemaker or metallic implants in the treatment area or a history of skin cancer before the procedure. This process is comfortable, requires no anesthesia, and causes no pain or downtime. However, you must wait three to six months for the results of Evoke treatments to become visible. This is because the process requires time to rebuild the cellular structure beneath the skin. However, the product will make your skin tighter, youthful, firmer, and plumper.

Where Can I Find Evoke Skin Tightening Treatments near Me?

Evoke facial treatments are relatively new in the aesthetic industry. However, its popularity is making it accessible in most areas. For example, if you visit the dentist in Calgary requesting facial tightening treatments, they will offer you Evoke over other procedures generally suggested for face sculpting by other professionals. They can even provide you with before and after pictures of patients who have received the treatment to benefit from rejuvenating the skin.

Poplar Dental has the perfect remedy for you with Evoke facial contouring if you have signs of aging visible on your face. Consult the practice today to enhance the appearance of your face in one appointment with them without any downtime involved.

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