Immediate Tooth Extraction for Dental Emergencies

Immediate Tooth Extraction for Dental Emergencies

June 1, 2023

Tooth extractions on adults are performed for many reasons under normal circumstances. However, you may come across a situation when you think, “I need a tooth pulled immediately,” because you experience excruciating pain or have suffered impacts on your mouth, causing a tooth to bleed and become mobile.

As you feel discomfort and think you need an immediate tooth extraction, it helps if you realize not every dental situation is an emergency. In reality, many dental conditions don’t need a quick tooth extraction. However, if you do not want to delay treatment by falsely assuming everything is acceptable instead of waiting, the problem might worsen. Therefore let us look at some emergencies when you may need an immediate tooth extraction.


If you experience bleeding in a tooth that does not subside from impacts on your mouth, it needs immediate tooth removal. If you have knocked out a permanent tooth or have a loose one, it is an emergency requiring treatment from the emergency dentist near me to ensure the dentist preserves your tooth using all techniques.

If you have a knocked-out tooth, you must see the emergency dentist as soon as possible with the tooth in your possession maintained in a moist condition to enable the dentist to reinsert the tooth into a socket. Unfortunately, if you cannot get to the dentist within the specified time, you must seek tooth replacement solutions from the dentist in Calgary to close the gap between your teeth using dental implants or bridges and prevent other complications.

When Should You Seek Immediate Tooth Extraction?

You can seek emergency tooth extraction only when you have severe infections in a tooth causing excruciating pain unmanageable by taking painkillers or using other remedies you used earlier. For example, if you have been recommended a root canal and have ignored the treatment for a long because you think the procedure is painful and expensive, the pain you experience in your tooth can make you think you are better off by getting the tooth extracted. However, your dentist does not believe similarly and will try to preserve your tooth unless it is unsalvageable and impacts your dental and overall health. The dentist will perform an immediate tooth extraction in Calgary if it affects your health after considering how your dental health benefits from the removal.

Occasionally you can break a tooth with the fracture extending beneath the gum line to leave it impacted. Dentists will try mending the tooth if possible and recommend immediate extraction only when the tooth cannot be preserved. Therefore, it does not help if you contact an emergency dentist near you or any other dental professional seeking immediate tooth extraction for minor painful situations that do not need a tooth removal.

Many dental emergencies can wait until you can see your regular dentist to ascertain the cause of the pain you experience to receive help to preserve your tooth if possible, and consider extractions as a last resort.

What Can You Expect After the Extraction?

Tooth extractions are straightforward and performed in a simple or surgical procedure. However, if you have a painful, impacted third molar, the dentist will not suggest preserving it but will recommend removal because it affects your dental health besides causing other complications in the mouth. Similarly, an impacted broken tooth is also recommended for removal because the tooth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to penetrate it and create additional problems. In such situations, dentists recommend immediate extraction to prevent further complications in your mouth.

After undergoing an emergency tooth extraction needing surgery, you may not need tooth replacements if you had a wisdom tooth removed surgically. Unfortunately, if you had a broken tooth extracted in a surgical process, you can expect discomfort after the anesthesia you received starts wearing off.

The dentist provides after-care instructions following tooth removal with medications to alleviate pain and advice on managing the swelling and caring for the tooth socket until you recover from the surgical process. While you may recover from the tooth extraction, you must wait until the tooth socket heals before considering replacement options to cover the void between your teeth. Leaving the void open will create additional problems in your mouth, with your remaining teeth shifting towards it to leave you with a misalignment. Therefore you must seek a replacement for the missing tooth as soon as possible to maintain aesthetics and your mouth functionality.

Dentists perform immediate tooth extractions for dental emergencies in some situations. However, if you have a painful tooth and feel it is better extracted, it helps if you get it examined by Poplar Dental because dentists are optimal professionals to determine whether your tooth can be preserved or needs removal. Therefore before you consider immediate emergency tooth extractions, contact them to decide whether or not you must undergo the process to remove a natural tooth.

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