Reasons You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Reasons You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist

December 1, 2020

Some dental issues might cause excruciating pain and discomfort or increase the risk of developing further complications. Therefore, such dental situations can’t wait until the next morning when your dentist is open for services. Instead, you can consider visiting an emergency dentist near you to save your teeth.

At the emergency dentist’s office, you will receive treatments on the same day to relieve pain and reduce the risk of developing complications that will affect other parts in the mouth. The dentist will also prioritize saving teeth to prevent a dental implant that will require you to incur extra costs.

Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

If you are wondering which situations might compel to seek emergency dental care, below are some of the signs:

Knocked-Out or Broken Tooth

During your routine activities or when playing sports, you might be involved in an accident that damages your teeth. The impact during the accident can break, loosen or knock out your tooth. In such cases, you might experience excruciating pain or profuse bleeding. To stop the bleeding, pain and save your teeth, you can consider emergency dental care.

In the meantime, you can wash the fallen out tooth without touching the root nerves. Once you clean the tooth, you can try to place it back in the socket. Alternatively, you can store the knocked-out tooth in saliva or milk and take it with you to the dental clinic. To increase the chances of saving the tooth, you should seek urgent dental care in an hour.

Unexplained Toothache and Swelling

Do you have a toothache or swollen jaw that persists for more than a week? Sometimes persistent toothache that you can’t explain might be caused by gum or root canal infection. Swelling in the gums might be a result of an infection or oral cancer in the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, you can consider visiting a dentist in SW Calgary, for urgent care. Before you reach the dentist’s office, you can use an ice pack to reduce the swelling and numb the area, reducing pain.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess can cause excruciating pain and discomfort, and sometimes can’t swallow, speak or breathe. Dental abscess shows as small white sacs filled with pus on your gum line. Sometimes the abscesses might rupture, causing a foul smell and taste in your mouth.

To reduce the pain and discomfort and reduce the risk of further complications, you should seek emergency dentistry services. Meanwhile, you can swish dental clove oil in your mouth to reduce the soreness and sensitivity.


Bleeding gums after brushing when you have been diagnosed with gingivitis are normal. However, sometimes you might experience profuse bleeding on the gums or a socket after tooth extraction. You should not ignore such a dental situation and consider visiting an emergency dentist in SW, Calgary.

To reduce bleeding, you can place gauze or bite down a teabag on the socket. Also, avoid disturbing the site of bleeding to encourage clotting.

Taste of Metal in Your Mouth

Do you have a taste of coins in your mouth? If so you might have damaged dental crown or filling. When you leave a damaged tooth restoration without getting treatments, you might be at risk of developing a root canal infections which calls for removing the pulp and root nerves or sometimes tooth extraction.

If you feel a taste of pennies in your mouth, you should consider visiting a dentist immediately for emergency dental care and prevent any complications that might arise. In the meantime, you can consider rinsing your mouth with warm saline water to eliminate any bacteria that might cause an infection on the damaged tooth.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Knowing an emergency dentist near you poses several benefits to you. Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience since you can seek dental care services at any time
  • Saves your teeth since you will receive treatments before your tooth is completely damaged
  • Prevention since you will receive treatments before you develop further complications

Saturday Open Dentist Near You

Most dental offices are closed on weekends. However, you can receive dental care services on weekends. At Erin Perry dental clinic in Canada, you can receive dental care services on Saturdays regardless of the nature of your dental situation.

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