Smoking After Tooth Extraction: The Risks You’re Taking

Smoking After Tooth Extraction: The Risks You’re Taking

June 1, 2022

Dental removal plays a vital role in preventing future dental emergencies. However, for treatment to be effective, patients need to follow an aftercare routine that may require them to quit smoking. Read along to learn more about tooth extraction and why smoking after the procedure is not recommended.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure carried out on patients with damaged teeth. Usually, dentists try their best to restore your damaged tooth before resorting to tooth removal. However, when tooth restoration fails, your dental surgeon will make an incision on your gumline and twist it until the tooth becomes loose.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Simple Tooth Extraction

As the name suggests, simple tooth extraction is a simple procedure usually performed on patients with damaged visible teeth.

To begin the extraction process, your dentist in Calgary will put you under anesthesia to ensure you are relaxed. They will then use special dental tools to hold and pull off your tooth from its socket.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Many factors can cause a tooth not to grow correctly, making it less visible. You may start experiencing prolonged dental pain and increased tooth sensitivity when that happens.

Visit our dental clinic for tooth extraction; we use modern dental technology to ensure you have a successful and painless dental operation.

Advantages of Tooth Extraction

Relieves Dental Pain

Dental extraction can save you from prolonged dental pain. Common dental problems such as tooth decay start with small amounts of dental pain that progress and become unbearable with time. If you experience prolonged dental pain, visit a tooth extraction clinic in Calgary to have your damaged tooth removed.

Stops the Spread of Infection

Fixing the source of dental problems is the best way to ensure it doesn’t come back. When your tooth becomes infected with bacteria, you’ll need to stop the infection from spreading by having it removed, as it can spread infections and result in future health problems.

Improves Your Smile

We can only correct dental issues such as overcrowding of teeth through tooth removable. Overcrowding of teeth can cause crooked teeth and bite-related problems.

When you visit our dental clinic, we will treat your bite-related issues and crooked teeth by removing your gums’ extra set of teeth.

Saves Adjacent Teeth From Decay

In most cases, patients struggle with deciding whether or not to remove their teeth. Unfortunately, when they finally decide to remove their teeth, it is often too late to save their teeth as the infection may have spread to adjacent teeth.

What Are the Risks Associated With Smoking After a Tooth Extraction?

Research has shown that patients who smoke regularly take longer to heal after undergoing dental operations compared to those who don’t. This is because the chemicals found in cigarettes interfere with the blood clotting process and cause the wound to heal slowly. In addition, smoking can cause serious health problems such as cancer.

How to Reduce Risk of Infection After a Tooth Extraction?

Use a Gauze

A gauze is a special bandage used to protect a wound and prevent blood loss. We recommend using a gauze after the surgery to stop bleeding and protect your wound from plaque.

Quit Smoking

Smoking slows down the blood clotting process and prolongs the healing of the wound. In addition, the use of tobacco can introduce harmful bacteria to your mouth and increases the risk of infection. Therefore, we strongly advise against smoking after tooth extraction.

Take Prescribed Antibiotics

After the surgery, most dentists will prescribe their patients antibiotics to protect their wounds from infection. Ensure you take the specified amount of antibiotics to protect yourself from getting infections.

Smoking Cessation and Oral Health

Smoking increases the risk of wound infection and leads to tooth discoloration. In addition, patients who smoke regularly have an increased chance of contracting cancer and other serious health problems. If you find it challenging to quit smoking, seek professional help.


The thought of losing a tooth should not prevent you from seeking dental treatment. However, if you are worried about the gap left after tooth removal, you can visit Poplar Dental for dental restoration. Visit us today for tooth extraction and save yourself from future dental emergencies. We have a professional staff committed to making you feel comfortable when you visit our dental clinic for consultation.

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