The Steps of a Root Canal Treatment

The Steps of a Root Canal Treatment

September 2, 2021

Although your tooth may be severely damaged or destroyed, it can be saved through a root canal procedure. However, the procedure is a bit invasive and takes some time. Therefore, it is important to know what to expect when getting a root canal in Calgary. The following are the steps that you will go through during the procedure:

1. Preparing the Area
The root canal treatment in Calgary is very simple. First, your dentist needs to clean the infected pulps and fill your canal. You may also need a temporary crown to cover the canal after the procedure.

Next, your dentist prepares the area by numbing the site. A local or general anesthesia can be used depending on the conditions of the patient. Once the area is numbed, a dental dam is then placed in the mouth. This isolates the tooth that needs the root canal by covering the remaining teeth in the mouth.

2. Cleaning and Accessing the Roots
After preparing the area, the dentist then drills through the tooth to access the root canals and the pulp cavity. The dentist then cleans the root canals and the pulp chambers and uses an antiseptic and antibacterial solution to disinfect them. This gets rid of the bacteria and any infection located in the canals.

3. Shaping the Canals
Dental fillings must be placed on the root canals, and to do so, the dentist must first shape the root canals. Your dentist in Calgary will use some tiny instruments to shape the canals. Once shaped, the canals are then cleaned for a second time.

4. Filling the Canals
After the shaping and cleaning of the canals, it is then filled. Next, your dentist near you will use gutta-percha to fill the canals. This rubber-like material is placed in the root canal and heated. It is then compressed to fit snuggly against the root canals walls. Adhesive cement is then added to seal the canals, preventing bacteria from entering the root canal.

5. Filling the Access Hole
The hole used to access the canals must also be filled. This prevents the entry of bacteria into the root canal. Your dentist can also place a post in the root canal to help strengthen the root. A post is also necessary if your tooth is severely damaged as it cannot support restoration on its own.

6. Healing
Your dentist may send you home with prescribed antibiotics to help you heal. This medication kills the rest of the bacteria or infections that may remain after the procedure. The dentist will also give you some post-care instructions on how to take care of your oral cavity.

You may experience some discomfort for a few days after the procedure, but this is normal. The medication will help alleviate the pain.

7. Adding the Crown
The crown is meant for patients whose teeth are significantly damaged. Therefore, if your tooth is severely damaged, you will need to come back for the crown. This crown is placed around the tooth, which has been treated to add strength and stability. The crown is custom-made to match your existing tooth. Once it is placed, the crown can handle the forces of chewing or biting once again.

Reasons Why You May Need a Root Canal

Root canal treatment at Poplar Dental Care helps alleviate your pain and other serious health conditions. It is necessary if you undergo the following dental problems:

  • If your tooth cavity is too large. Cavities are holes formed in the tooth due to decay as a result of poor flossing and brushing. A large cavity will require a root canal rather than a dental filling.
  • The cavity is deep inside the tooth. Fillings are only meant to repair holes on the surface, but a root canal is the best option when the situation is deep inside. It will kill the infection and prevent any other dental conditions from occurring.
  • An abscessed tooth. An infection causes this on your tooth, and the effective way to treat it is by undergoing a root canal treatment.

Call us or visit our dental office to book an appointment for a root canal procedure. Our dentist will be more than happy to schedule a consultation and explain the procedure.

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