Dental Bonding in Calgary, AB

Don’t let superficial chips or cracks take away the beauty of your smile. Simple, painless, and effective dental bonding at Poplar Dental can help restore the aesthetics of your smile in just a single visit.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Our skilled dentist uses resin-based bonding material to fix minor imperfections, especially in the front teeth. Dental bonding treatments are ideal for patients who do not prefer complex and invasive orthodontic procedures to correct issues. Dr. Perry is the best person to help you determine the most suitable solution to achieve your treatment goals.

Why Consider Dental Bonding Treatments

Dental bonding in Calgary, AB offers a host of benefits:

  • The resin putty helps fill in tiny gaps in the teeth. Small gaps not only appear unsightly, but they can also be potential areas for cavity formation.
  • It hides discolorations that teeth whitening cannot remove.
  • Bonding can help mask minor cracks, chips, or lengthen too-small teeth.
  • The dentist can improve the shape of your tooth to match the dental arch.

Most patients are eligible for dental bonding, and our dentist performs a detailed evaluation before creating a personalized treatment plan. For example, you may need teeth whitening treatment before we can bond your tooth. Please contact Poplar Dental to book an appointment with our expert dentist.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Take?

Unlike other complex treatments like crowns or dental bridges, dental bonding treatments near you can be completed in a single visit. Dr. Perry will first etch the tooth and apply a conditioning gel to roughen the surface. Doing this helps the bonding material adhere more firmly to the tooth surface. We will then apply the composite resin putty and polish it for a stunning finish.

Although the dental bonding procedure is quick and non-invasive, it can make a dramatic difference to your smile. Costs may generally vary from $300 to $600 per tooth, depending on the location of the tooth and the complexity of the application. If the patient has decay or cavities, our dentist in Calgary, AB, will first treat these issues before bonding the tooth.

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