Dental Implants in Calgary, AB

If missing teeth are impeding your speech, altering your bite, or spoiling your smile, dental implants at Poplar Dental could be just the right solution for your needs.

How Do Implants Work?

Dental implants consist of three components: A metal or titanium screw placed inside the jawbone, an abutment attached to the implant, and a prosthetic to replace the missing tooth. Prosthetics of your choice could include partials, dentures, dental crowns, or bridges. Implant-supported prosthetics offer superior levels of support compared to traditional restorations.

Dr. Perry will assess your oral cavity, teeth, gums, and jawbone for adequate density before placing implants in Calgary, AB. The implants procedure generally takes about three to six months as the implant must fuse completely with the bone before we can attach an abutment. Healing varies across patients, and recovery time may be longer for the upper jaw than the lower jaw due to the softer bone.

Benefits of Implants

Implants mimic the missing tooth from the roots up to the crown (unlike conventional restorations that only replace the visible portion of the lost tooth). Some of the numerous advantages of implants include the following:

  • Long-lasting and durable for more than two decades or even a lifetime
  • Superior stability allows patients to consume a wide range of foods and chew confidently
  • Reduced risks for gum tissue irritation and alteration of facial structure that may result from poorly fitting prosthetics
  • Prevention of jawbone loss

Our trained dentist in Calgary, AB also provides same-day implants where we can place attachments like crowns, dentures, or bridges on the same day as the implant. Once Dr. Erin Perry evaluates your oral cavity, we can assess your eligibility for same-day implants. Patients with healthy jawbone are generally eligible for same-day implants.

Although implants near you may involve a higher initial investment, they provide outstanding long-term value.

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