Fluoride Treatment in Calgary, AB

Are you looking for a way to add protection to the health and whiteness of your smile? Do you have children that you worry aren’t brushing their teeth as often as they should? Are simplicity and minimalism important to you? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, the following information about fluoride treatments from our dentist in Calgary, AB will be especially helpful to you.

The Benefits of Professional Fluoride Treatment

If time and proof of performance are important factors to you in deciding between over-the-counter product use or professional-level product use, then it will be easy for you to understand the benefits of professional fluoride treatment from a dentist in Calgary, AB.

Just as there are professional-level products in the areas of health and beauty that can only be purchased from a licensed health and service provider because of their superior performance, it’s also true that many fluoride-fortified products from off-the-shelf are of an inferior level. If you’re looking for preventive dentistry in its purest form, then fluoride treatment from our dentist is the superior choice for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Topical Fluoride Treatments Are Safe … And Pain-Free

You may have heard echoes that too much fluoride “intake” might be dangerous, so we’d like to reinforce that fluoride treatments from our dentist are TOPICAL, which means there is nothing that patients will “intake.” That’s another reason to select professional fluoride treatments instead of keeping larger dosing at home.

And if you’re wondering how pain-free the treatments are, you’ll be happy to read that the application of fluoride by our dentist takes less than five minutes and involves nothing more than liquid fluoride being applied to your teeth. Plus, there’s no special after-care needed. You can eat and drink within minutes of receiving treatment.

Fluoride Treatment: Vital to Preventive Dentistry

Are you wondering how you can easily get the fluoride protection you need as a part of your preventive dentistry from our Calgary, AB dentist?

During your routine professional teeth cleaning, our dentist and team will ask you if you’d like to receive fluoride treatment immediately afterward to help extend the protection of the cleaning appointment. As mentioned, this step will take less than five minutes but provide years of peace of mind.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of fluoride treatments we offer and whether a separate fluoride treatment is recommended as additional therapy, please give our office a call now or use our online booking tool if that’s more convenient for you.

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