Oral Cancer Screenings in Calgary, AB

The main aim of oral cancer screening is to detect cancerous and precancerous conditions in the oral cavity. Early screening and detection of oral cancer at Poplar Dental increases the likelihood of a successful cure. Undetected oral cancer may spread to other parts of the face and transform into a life-threatening risk.

Our trained dentist near you uses the latest technology to detect the presence of abnormal tissue.

What Are the High-Risk Groups?

Although everyone should get oral cancer screenings in Calgary, AB, certain groups may be at higher risk. Studies show that the following patients may be at higher risk:

  • Male patients above the age of 40 years
  • Patients with a higher genetic susceptibility
  • Heavy tobacco users or smokers
  • Heavy consumers of alcohol
  • Patients with excessive exposure to the sun

Dr. Perry performs oral cancer screenings as part of our routine dental exams. Please contact us with your questions and concerns regarding oral cancer risks.

Oral Cancer Screening at Poplar Dental

Our trained dentist in Calgary, AB begins the oral cancer screening process by manually checking under the neck, jaws, and cheeks for lumps, bumps, or masses. The dentist will also examine the oral cavity for signs of lesions, red or white patches, or unusual ulcers. We will also check under the tongue and in the palate and floor of the oral cavity.

Patients with oral cancer may experience difficulty in moving their tongues or swallowing. Dr. Erin Perry will check for abnormal tissue in the oral cavity that may go unnoticed during a visual exam.

Ulcers, lesions, or pimples may be caused by several other conditions other than oral cancer. Getting oral cancer screenings near you does not imply that you have oral cancer; it’s a preventive step that can save your life.

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