Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB

If tooth pain is bothering you, please contact our trained dentist near you for professional diagnosis and treatment. We may treat an infected tooth with root canal therapy or an extraction, depending on the severity of the damage.

What Is a Root Canal Infection?

Several causes can cause a potential root canal infection. Many of these causes can be detected during routine exams at Poplar Dental.

  • Bacteria may enter the tooth chamber through a crack or chip in the tooth
  • A damaged tooth may be dislodged from its socket, and bacteria may be able to enter the tooth pulp
  • An excessively treated tooth may become weak and prone to bacteria attack

It’s crucial to get chipped and cracked teeth evaluated and treated by Dr. Perry to prevent them from becoming vulnerable to infection. If left untreated, the bacterial infection may lead to tooth loss or gum disease requiring extensive treatment.

What Is Root Canal Therapy in Calgary, AB?

The root canal of a tooth consists of blood vessels and nerves, and when bacteria penetrate this chamber, it results in severe discomfort or pain. The resulting inflammation may lead to dull or acute pain while eating or throughout the day. Pain from a root canal infection can keep you up all night and leave you feeling bleary-eyed and drained.

Other symptoms could include heightened sensitivity while eating, darkened tooth color, or a persistent pimple in the gums.

Please contact Dr. Perry as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment. The extent of root canal infection depends on the way the bacteria enters the root canal.

Diagnosis and Root Canal Therapy at Poplar Dental

Our reliable dentist in Calgary, AB, will take digital x-rays and identify the location and nature of the root canal infection. We administer local anesthesia and remove the decay before disinfecting and sealing the root canal against re-infection. Once the treated site has healed, the dentist will place a crown to protect the treated tooth.

Please contact us for safe, effective, and pain-free root canal therapy near you.

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