Smile Makeovers in Calgary, AB

A smile makeover in Calgary, AB is nothing to shy away from. If you’ve wanted to visit a dentist in Calgary, AB, and get a smile makeover near you, you should go for it. At Poplar Dental in Calgary, AB, we’ve been providing patients with smile makeovers for a long time.

The goal of a makeover is to improve your smile in one or more ways. There are multiple procedures that we can use to make this happen. Different patients will receive different dental procedures. One patient might require teeth whitening while another might require repair. At Poplar Dental, we’ll need to examine your dental status and interpret data from x-rays to determine your needs.

Whitening Teeth

Our teeth darken as we grow older. The things we consume often contain chemicals that stick to our teeth and make them darker. Teeth whitening is the use of chemicals similar to those found in bleach to remove stains. We can whiten your teeth in one or more visits depending on how much of a hurry you’re in.

Not everyone will respond to teeth whitening. Patients with deeply stained teeth won’t respond as well as others. Additionally, artificial dental products like crowns and implants won’t respond. Patients can get veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are placed on teeth to make them look better. They’re undetectable and are used to hide underlying damaged or stained teeth. The shell will look natural and pristine.

Repairing Teeth

Infections and trauma can take a toll on our teeth. You don’t need to live with cracked and chipped teeth. We have several options to make your teeth look better. Veneers are routinely used. Teeth can also be protected and covered with dental crowns. Finally, we can use dental bonding to repair teeth.

Dental bonding is the use of a material called composite resin to fix teeth. Composite resin isn’t as durable as natural teeth though. If a tooth is dead or significantly damaged, we might recommend its removal and replacement. Restorative options like implants, dentures, and bridges are available.

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