TMJ Treatment in Calgary, AB

Our TMJs, temporomandibular joints, are two of the most important joints in our bodies. These are the joints that connect our lower jawbones to our faces. TMJ disorders or diseases are common. At Poplar Dental in Calgary, AB, we understand that you might be looking for a dentist near you for TMD treatment. If you think you might need TMD treatment in Calgary, AB, you shouldn’t delay visiting a dentist near you.

Our team in Calgary, AB, sees several patients suffering from TMD each month. At Poplar Dental, we know the impact TMD can have on your life and the best ways to intervene. We’ll do everything we can so you can live your life without any limitations.

Diagnosing TMD

Patients usually visit us with pain or discomfort in front of their ears. If you place a finger just in front of each ear and open/close your mouth, you’ll feel your TMJs move. Sometimes, patients experience a locked jaw where they can’t move their mouths at all.

The first step is to ask you a few questions. Next, we’ll examine your mouth and jaw. Imaging in the form of dental x-rays can help us assess the status of your jawbones. An MRI might be required to visualize soft tissues in the joint like the disc.

Treating TMD

Please visit Poplar Dental for a consultation to discuss treatment options for TMD.

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