Veneers in Calgary, AB

Dental veneers are a quick, painless, and effective solution to correct superficial flaws in visible teeth. They are a trusted treatment option that can benefit patients looking to improve their smile without undergoing complex, invasive procedures.

How Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

Once you book a consultation at Poplar Dental, our skilled dentist near you will help you determine the right shade, size, and shape of the veneers for your unique needs. The veneer should be able to mask imperfections and blend in with your natural dental arch.

Dr. Perry offers composite as well as porcelain veneers to improve your smile. Composite veneers can be placed during one visit, while porcelain veneers require two visits. Also, while composite veneers can be easily repaired, porcelain veneers may need to be replaced. Porcelain veneers are known for their strength, durability, and aesthetics.

Cosmetic Veneers in Calgary, AB

The first step in getting customized porcelain veneers is a consultation for getting x-rays and impressions of your tooth. Our dedicated dentist will use this opportunity to discuss your goals and create mock-ups to show you what the eventual results will look like.

During the next appointment, Dr. Perry will remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel to prepare the tooth surface. Once the enamel layer has been removed, we will take impressions of the prepared tooth using putty. Thanks to modern technology, we can also take digital 3-D impressions of the tooth before placing veneers near you.

Once the permanent veneers are ready, our reliable dentist in Calgary, AB will add an acidic gel to roughen the surface and cement the veneer in place.

Aftercare Guidelines

Veneers require virtually no downtime or detailed aftercare guidelines, but some patients may experience slight sensitivity after the procedure.

Patients should practice good oral hygiene and floss under the veneered tooth to prevent decay formation. Although the porcelain veneer is resistant to decay, the natural tooth structure below is vulnerable. Porcelain veneers may last for a decade or more, depending on the degree of care. Please contact Poplar Dental for an appointment with our dental expert.

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